ESD Flooring

ESD Epoxy

Dissipative and Conductive Flooring

ESD Epoxy

-Nation-wide Installation
-Affordable Thin Film Systems
-Self-Leveling High Build Systems
-Dissipative or Conductive
-Low Maintenance, No Wax

Automotive Flooring

Auto Dealerships

Shop Floors, Service Drives, New Car Delivery

Auto Dealerships

-Nationwide, Expeditious Installation
-Formulated for Auto Shop Environment



Hangar Floors, Aerospace & Aviation Facilities


-Nationwide, Expeditious Installation
-Affordable Thin Film & High Build Systems
-High Chemical Resistance
-Enhances Lighting

Commercial Flooring


Animal Shelters, Warehouses, Cleanrooms

Commercial & Industrial

-Decorative Systems (Quartz, Vinyl Flake etc.)
-Integral Cove Base
-Systems for All Environments
-Low Maintenance


Petra Coatings Inc. – Leader in Epoxy Floor Coatings

Over 30 years of manufacturing and installation experience

Welcome to Petra Coatings Inc., a leader in manufacturing and installation of high performance floor coatings.  We custom manufacture our own resins to fit your specific project needs, and install our floor coatings professionally and economically, with attention to details.

Epoxy floor coatings have many advantages. These seamless, long wearing floors are easy to clean, and durable enough to stand up to harsh environments, even forklift traffic.  Various systems offer high chemical resistance, UV stabilization, high gloss retention and more.  Many light colored systems actually help increase lighting as well, by reflecting existing light.

Epoxy floors can be found in many business environments, including Automotive Shops, Aircraft Hangars, Animal Shelters, Industrial Kitchens, Operating Rooms, Electronics Assembly warehouses, and many more.  Petra Coatings manufactures mainly 100% Solids Epoxies that meet and exceed many specifications for these types of business environments.  Over the years, we’ve carved out our niche and specialize in Auto Dealership shop floors, and Electrostatic Discharge flooring (ESD Flooring).

ESD3If your business requires Static Control Flooring, conductive or dissipative, our ESD floor coatings are the industry standard.  ESD epoxy floors are an economical alternative to high priced static control carpet and tile.  Petra Coatings has a wide range of ESD flooring systems ranging from 20 mils, to 90 mils thick, and each system is fully conductive or dissipative throughout the thickness of the floor.  The staff at Petra understands what is required for ESD environments and certifies every ESD floor installation to perform in accordance with the standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20 2007.

D7K_4011Auto Dealerships have been the bread and butter of our business for many years.  We’ve installed millions of square feet over the last few decades, and understand what this harsh environment demands.  In every situation, we work with the dealer to come up with a cost effective solution that meets or exceeds the need.  From decorative quartz floors, vinyl flake systems, to the very popular Industrial Broadcast system, we are focused on providing the right epoxy floor coatings for the job.  Because we custom manufacture and install with our own certified installation crews, we cut out the middle man, and that savings is passed on to our customers.  We work around the clock, nights, weekends and holidays to keep your business in motion.  In most cases, very little shut-down time is required (if any) of our customers when we install a new epoxy or urethane flooring system in a location that is in operation.
Although the majority of our products are custom made for our own installations, we also fill “product only” orders for installers or do it yourself projects.  Give us a call or send us an email and let us know how we can help!

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