About Petra Coatings LLC

Petra Coatings is second generation, family owned and operated business established upon Christian principles and values.  Founded by industry pioneer Barry McGill, Petra is now owned and operated by Tracey and Travis Taylor.  Petra Coatings manufactures custom floor coatings.  Although originally Petra Coatings handled the manufacturing and installation of these products, we now have a sister company focused solely on installation, Petra Industrial Flooring LLC.  We service a wide range of markets, some of which include: Electronics Manufacturing, Electronics Assembly, Aerospace Facilities, Auto Dealerships, Aircraft Hangars, Animal Shelters and many more, however, our focus however is on three main areas: ESD, Automotive, and Aviation environments. Over 80% of our business is focused on servicing these areas.  We strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing excellent products with exceptional service.NADA_Show

Our Founder’s Story

Over 35 years ago, founder Barry McGill began his journey in the floor coatings industry. Starting off as just an installer, he quickly became dissatisfied in the subpar, high VOC epoxy and urethane products that were available in the market. The odors of these products were not only unbearable, but in some cases, even dangerous to breathe. The overall quality of these finished products were also less than desirable. This prompted Mr. McGill to research and develop his own line of products, and in 1982 he began manufacturing 100% solids epoxies. These epoxies were designed to be VOC free, with no odor, and over time were modified to meet and exceed standards of the industry.

Over time, these products gained popularity, and in 1987, he was asked to develop a light gray static-dissipative epoxy for a Texas based company who manufactured electronics and mainframes for various telephone companies. At the time, Mr. McGill had never manufactured an ESD Epoxy, much less a light gray ESD epoxy (most were black at that time). Despite the challenge, he gladly accepted the opportunity and quickly went to work. Pulling from his electrical engineering background, and experience in the Marine Corps as a radar and navigation technician, he began to experiment using different conductive materials to create a dissipative floor system. After formulating and testing over the weekend, he installed a small test area at the facility, next to three other test samples previously installed by other major manufacturers. Mr. McGill’s new ESD epoxy out performed the competition and the electrical readings were perfect. This led to his first contract to install the new ESD epoxy, which was over 200,000 square feet!

The success of that project introduced him to the EOS ESD Association, where he served on the standards committee that developed the EOS ESD Association Standard 7.1 – Characterization of Flooring Materials.

In 1994, a major supplier of static control materials and equipment (a Fortune 100 company) approached Mr. McGill to private label a new product-line of ESD epoxy. Always up for the challenge, he gladly accepted and began a new chapter of business. For most of the following decade he not only manufactured, but also installed these floor systems throughout the United States and abroad, including Great Britain, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

Petra Coatings LLC is an industry leader in static control epoxy. There are very few epoxy floor coatings companies that understand static-control and this work environment. Many companies tout their dissipative or conductive ESD flooring, but in most cases the sales force does not understand what its all about. That’s one of the main differences between Petra and our competition.