Auto Dealerships

IndustrialBroadcast2 For over three decades, we have successfully formulated and installed epoxy floor coatings for the auto industry. Petra Coatings has worked with hundreds of dealers, and continues to design floor systems specifically for this harsh environment. Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about the dealerships we have served. We understand how important it is to install the right system, the first time, expeditiously.
Downtime for a large shop can be very costly, and our mission is to get the floor installed with as little down time as possible. In some cases, it can be accomplished without any downtime at all. Our crews work nights, weekends, and holidays to make this possible.

Building a new dealership?NightQuartz

New construction is the most opportunistic time to coat your floors. There is less preparation needed, which means lower costs to install. Plan ahead and make sure your contractor understands the important steps to ensure your concrete will support a resinous floor system. Quality concrete, installed over a vapor barrier usually will suffice. Some concrete hardeners can cause de-lamination of epoxy floors, so make sure the contractor understands you are planning on installing resinous flooring and does his or her research.

Have an old, filthy shop floor?

We’ve successfully coated some of the filthiest floors you can imagine. Just because it’s old and dirty, does not mean epoxy will not bond to it. With proper moisture testing, cleaning, and diligent preparation, your floor can look new again.