HangerAviation maintenance hangars and manufacturing facilities often require high performance floor coatings to ensure a cleanable work space and keep harsh chemicals, (fuels, grease, oils) from penetrating into the concrete. If not coated with the right floor system, the concrete can absorb dangerous chemicals and cause permanent stains, and even create safety hazards. Epoxy and Urethane floor coatings are the most common floors you will find in an aircraft hangar. In most situations, a slip resistant, non-porous floor coating will take care of any chemical attack, and provide a great looking, long lasting solution. We recommend at minimum our 20 Mil EPU System, which a three coat system, consisting of a penetrating epoxy primer, 100% solids epoxy build coat, and an aliphatic urethane top coat. If needed, we can also install an ESD system for static control environments. If there is older, damaged concrete, thicker systems may be a more appropriate solution. We analyze each project and help our customers make an educated decision as to what floor system they should invest in. We then custom manufacture these products and install the floor system with our own experienced crews, that know how to get the job done correctly, in very little time.

Recommended Systems:

-20 Mil EPU
-Industrial Broadcast
-Natural Quartz
-20 Mil ESD