Decorative Flake

Vinyl Flake systems are popular in retail spaces and areas where high customer traffic is expected. These floors provide a textured, decorative finish that is achieved using a blend of colored vinyl flakes. The vinyl flakes (or paint chips, as some people refer to them) come in a variety of sizes as well, which enable the customer to create a very aesthetically pleasing blend of colors that can match almost any color scheme. These floors are often specified as an alternative to vinyl tile (VCT) or polished concrete. Vinyl Flake systems are are multi-coat broadcast systems, consisting of a penetrating primer, one or more broadcast coats of 100% solids epoxy and vinyl flakes, and one or more top coats of 100% solids clear epoxy.  An Aliphatic Urethane can be substituted or added asa top coat for extra UV stabilization and chemical resistance.

Polymer Color Flake Advantages

  • Custom designs
  • Non-flammable
  • Colorfast, UV stable flakes
  • Hides imperfections in substrate
  • Ease of Application
  • Unlimited blending options
  • Low sound / deadening qualities
  • Monolithic seamless finish
  • Renewable, sanitary and safe
Decorative Flake Flooring Graphic
Decorative Flake Flooring