Our history in ESD floor coatings is a great story. You can read more about it HERE. In summary, our founder developed one of the first ESD epoxy floor systems to hit the market. For over 3 decades it has been installed successfully world-wide, and has proven to be a superior product when it comes to ESD epoxy.

ESD4Our standard ESD epoxy systems have three layers: A primer coat, a ground plane, and a top coat. These systems can be designed to provide electrical properties ranging from conductive to static dissipative upon customer request and comply with ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007. Petra also offers ESD Quartz systems that use a special blend of decorative quartz aggregate to achieve dissipative or conductive readings. Quartz floors provide a decorative look, with a durable non-skid finish.

What sets us apart from the rest?

ESD_50Mil_HoustonPetra offers ESD floors ranging from 20 to 90 mils thick, that are fully electrical from top to bottom. When we install a 90 mil ESD system, 82 mils of that floor system, from the top surface down to the insulating primer, is electrically conductive or dissipative. As our floor systems wear over time, their electrical readings stay true. In fact, we have real-world examples that have been in operation for over 20 years. WE DO NOT install thin-film ESD topcoats over a built-up layer of insulating coatings. For example, many companies will claim they have a dissipative or conductive system that is 90 mils thick. What they are actually selling is a standard epoxy floor that is 87 mils thick, and top-coating that system with 3 mils of ESD epoxy or ESD urethane. As you can imagine, a 3 mil ESD top coat will wear through over time, leaving you with 87 mils of standard, non-conductive flooring, thus requiring a re-coat. Petra’s ESD epoxy systems are electrical from top coat, down to the bottom insulating primer, guaranteed.


Installation1Petra Coatings is a major ESD floor coatings applicator. We can provide professional installation services to ensure that your floor system not only meets all electrical requirements, but also has maximum adhesion to substrates, with a durable, attractive finish. Installation is available throughout the United States and in most countries abroad.