Polished Concrete / Polished and Dyed

Petra Coatings not only offers floor coatings of all types, but we are set up to polish concrete and polish and dye concrete.  Polished concrete is much more durable than “stained concrete”, typical stained concrete that has acrylic sealer will wear out quickly, while a polished and dyed floor will maintain color and gloss for the life of the floor if maintained.  Using a penetrating dye, polished concrete can have vibrant colors and can be polished to achieve a very high level of gloss.  Think of polished concrete as the same process kids used to use in the old rock tumblers.  You are literally polishing the rock, just like a granite slab gets polished.  Every slab is different, and different levels of exposed aggregate will vary depending on the slab.  Most polished floor will be sealed with a penetrating sealer, which does not form a film, but rather penetrates the surface and crystallizes creating a seal that will hold back even oil.  These floor are not going to give you the chemical resistance that a floor coating can achieve, but for retail spaces, and other areas where chemical resistance and staining is not a major concern, polishing your floor may just be the option for you.