Natural Quartz

Petra’s Natural Quartz system is multi-coat broadcast system that is applied over mechanically scarified (shot-blasted) surfaces. A single broadcast system is typically 50-60 mils (1/16 inch) thick, and double broadcast systems are generally 115-125 mils (1/8 inch) thick. These floors have a textured finish that provide a natural non-skid surface. Natural Quartz systems have one or more base coats of pigmented 100% solids epoxy that receive full broadcasts of natural quartz aggregate (broadcast to refusal), while the epoxy is still wet. Once the broadcast coats have cured and remaining loose aggregate has been swept off and vacuumed, a top coat of pigmented 100% solids epoxy is applied to finish the system and seal the floor. For added chemical resistance, UV stabilization, and gloss retention, an additional top coat of urethane may be applied. This system is often installed with and integral cove base in areas where seamless transitions are required from floor to wall surfaces. Quartz floors are very durable, and offer much higher scratch and impact resistance than standard rolled on epoxy systems.

Natural Quartz Flooring Illustration
Natural Quartz Flooring